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The Brooklyn Adult Learning Center is funded by New York City to provide low-cost job training for qualified applicants. The LPN program is extremely competitive due to its low cost.
Brooklyn Adult Learning Center Brooklyn, NY Neighborhood
Clara Barton High School for Health allows Brooklyn residents to graduate from high school with a Licensed Practical Nurse license.
Clara Barton High School for Health Brooklyn, NY Prospect Heights

Nursing Schools

Looking to advance? We help you find the right school. Boost your pay or start climbing the career ladder today.

Nursing Scholarships

Once you find the right program, it ain't going to pay for itself. Let us show you how to find the money to realize your full potential.


The hard part is done. You are already a nurse. Check out what exciting possibilities await you in a nursing career.


Scrubs. Stethoscopes. Shoes. Books. Browse our deals to see what we found on sale for you.


Resume Review

Writing a resume that captures who you are can be intimidating. It doesn't have to be, though. Try our resume review service. We'll ensure that you send out resumes that are complete and error-free.

We'll also assist with cover letters, thank you notes and follow ups. Show us what you've come up with. We'll help you stand out.


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